About Us


About Us

Welcome to DigiKraft Social.
We are a team that believes in redefining your business with unique marketing solutions and providing value to our clients.



To help businesses reach their customers in an organic way.



Healthy businesses extending healthy competition.


How we work

We believe in a process of redefining a business with a proven digital marketing strategy.

Understanding business needs:

Afore hopping to an answer, one needs to understand the question properly, right? We follow the same strategy here, we fetch enough data and understand the client needs before reaching the action plan. Understanding the business includes gathering each bit and framing a proper picture of the business needs.

Framing a strategy:

Once the business needs are being listed, we frame a strategy that would benefit the business in the long run.

Setting up the milestones:

We frame a picture about what should be the outcome of our services marked with various milestones. Milestones help us and the business to know the growth chart of the strategy.

Action Plans:

We are now good to kick off the plan. Here, we initiate the work on the campaigns.


Our job is not done yet. Once the campaigns are live, we go back and ensure that the work does not have any hitch. The quality is our key and we ensure that the job is done perfectly.

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